Thursday, August 9, 2012

Water Marbling!

Second time water marbling :) the first time I tried, it was just so sad... but after using filtered water this time, and working a lot faster, it worked out pretty well I think! I got so many complements on these, it was crazy. So many of my friends asking me to do their nails hahah! I got a few bubbles though, you can see on my left hand middle finger, how do you prevent them!? I started off with a base of white, China Glaze - White on White and after it dried, did the water marbling! I started off doing one finger at a time, but after getting impatient... I started added two into one cup hahah.

Yellow - CND - Bicycle Yellow
Pink - Essie - Mod Square
Purple - Essie - Play Date
Orange - Essie - Fear or Desire

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