Friday, August 31, 2012

Nude Jelly

I did a “jelly sandwich!” (? still not sure on the definition hahah) I wore this for a few days, I absolutely loved it! Two or three coats of a jelly, clearish color, I used OPI - You Calling my a Lyre? Then, two coats of a chunky glitter, I used Lush Lacquer - Neon Blast. Then, two coats of China Glaze - Fairy Dust. And then top it off with another coat of your jelly base to “encase” the glitter in jelly! This effect makes the glitter a lot less, in your face. Which I love, since I’m not big on the chunky glitter, but when it’s worn like this it’s great. Those giant pink hexagons are to die for ahh I love them!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So-RAWR-ity Gurl!

I'm becoming a member of Alpha Chi Omega at WSU <3 I couldn't think of a better watch for me! I can/t wait to get to know my sisters! I'm the red head by the way hahahah

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday :)

Today is my birthday! And tomorrow I find out which sorority chapter I got into at my college :) I can't wait!

Fowl Play

I almost had a heart attack inside the beauty shop when I finally found this polish. I’ve been looking for Orly - Fowl Play for so so long! It was so worth the wait. The deep, but not black purple and copper flakes go so well together, and I’ll never turn down a deep cool color.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I tried a gradient! Ii was surprisingly easy, and I used tape around my nail just like water marbling to make the cleanup a lot easier. I’m not big on the colors, but they do go well together. And after a few days I added the… confetti? Hahah, it’s not really sparkles, so yeah. I love it! The only thing is that I was picking at it, I’m really bad at that. The two colors are again, from the Dollish Polish mature collection, and I’m not sure about the confetti, my mom got it off of ebay…
Dollish Polish - Check Out Those Sweaterpuppies
Dollish Polish - Dining at the Pink Taco
Connect the Dots


Watercolor nails! Love the way this turned out, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Base of China Glaze - White on White, and I just added dot by dot of color, and spread it out with a paintbrush dipped in 100% acetone.

China Glaze - I’m With the Lifeguard (green)
CND - Yellow Bicycle(yellow)
Essie - Fear or Desire(orange)
I’m not sure on which pink I used… I can’t remember hahah…
And of course, top it off with a coat of Seche Vite!


I've been moving into college, and just got my internet set up today, also, I'll be going through Sorority Recruitment, so this week will be slow :(

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Water Marbling!

Second time water marbling :) the first time I tried, it was just so sad... but after using filtered water this time, and working a lot faster, it worked out pretty well I think! I got so many complements on these, it was crazy. So many of my friends asking me to do their nails hahah! I got a few bubbles though, you can see on my left hand middle finger, how do you prevent them!? I started off with a base of white, China Glaze - White on White and after it dried, did the water marbling! I started off doing one finger at a time, but after getting impatient... I started added two into one cup hahah.

Yellow - CND - Bicycle Yellow
Pink - Essie - Mod Square
Purple - Essie - Play Date
Orange - Essie - Fear or Desire

Soft Pink

 I loved the way this turned out, the light pink is so soft, like a ballerina! But the silver specks underneath it add just enough. I'm so big on layering glitters and sparkles under transparent, jelly polishes. I used one or two coats of OPI - You Calling Me a Lyre? and added another two coats of China Glaze - Luxe and Lush topped off with another coat of OPI. The first picture, I'm using a lamp but the way it looks in natural light it just too good.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mmmm Matte Black

After the beads on my ring finger fell off, I didn’t want to redo my entire manicure! I added two coats of Essie - Matte About Me, which is fricken FANTASTIC by the way, I love the matte finish. I then did a little fishtailing on my ring finger :) base coat of black, then alternating little swipes of polish. A normal black, another black with my matte coat, and China Glaze’s… Stone Cold I think? It’s not in front of me, but it’s from the Hunger Games collection.
There’s nothing I love more than a matte black :)


"Kaviar" accent nail manicure! I didn’t want to do an entire "kaviar" manicure, because I’m assuming these little beads won’t stay on for long, and that would be hell for me to deal with hahahah. But I absolutely love this, it looks so so cool. I took these pictures after a night with them, and already the tip beads are falling/fell off :( I’ve seen these done with a thick top coat to keep them on, but I just don’t like the way it looks… I think it defeats the purpose! The black I used is my normal China Glaze - Liquid Leather. And the beads I just got from my mom, she has an entire arsenal of tiny beads!!

Hot Pink Lemonade!

So summery :) like pink lemonade! I got this pink manicure China Glaze - Pink Voltage done at a salon and had to add a little something. I love the idea of accent nails, it makes a manicure look so much nicer, but isn’t over the top or wasteful hahah. I picked these up from Sally Beauty Supply, and just used some nail glue. I warmed up these little “orange slices” in my hand to make it a little bendy, and then just glued it on. I topped it off with two coats of Seche Vite to seal it in. I should have added a little lemon slice too!

Gold flecks

The gold looks so amazing over the black, China Glaze - Liquid Leather, and my final top coat is just like glass, sooo shiny. This is only one coat of Sephora by OPI - It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat, I think I could have done two though. I’ll definitely be doing two coats next time!

Jelly Sandwich?

I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure on the definition of a jelly sandwich! But, whether it's named correctly or not, this turned out nice! The yellow was so gorgeous, I could have just left it alone. I started with a base of China Glaze - White on White and added CND - Bicycle Yellow. Ughhh I love it so much, and it's my first bright yellow, lucky me! I then added two coats of F4 Polish - Shattered Rainbow and topped it off with Essie - Marshmallow. I was so surprised on how much Marshmallow toned it all down!

So, if I incorrectly called this a jelly sandwich, please tell me!!